StoryWriter Help

KidsVoyager Online Story Writer allows you to write stories (as well as essays and any other textual compositions) online, publish them as Web pages, and then save them to the hard drive of your computer. If used with the KidsVoyager Browser, correctly spelled stories may be written which can then be narrated back by the browser. There are several ways to write, which can be used in combination:
  • Type in words letter by letter.
  • A number of common conjunctions and pronouns have been provided on "buttons." If you click one, it will be added after the last word. A space will automatically be added if necessary.
  • If used with the KidsVoyager Browser, Phonic Engine Spelling may be used to correctly spell any of over 10,000 words. Again, if a word is clicked, it will be added after the last word. To more easily use KidsVoyager, we suggest that you click on the "Navigation Menu On/Off" button in the lower left hand corner of KidsVoyager. This will cause KidsVoyager to transform itself into a story writing application, with an upper and lower window. The upper window is used for Phonic Engine Spelling, while the lower windows displays the text area where the story is composed.
StoryWriter is extremely easy to use. Here are step by step instructions.
  1. Write the story using a combination of typing, StoryWriter buttons, and KidsVoyager Phonic Engine Spelling.
  2. Holding down the SHIFT or CTRL key while pressing any word button will capitalize that word, as will checking the CAPITALIZE check box. (Note: SHIFT or CTRL do not work with Netscape 7).
  3. Unless you want to begin a new paragraph or want to end a line intentionally, such as for a poem, there is no need to press the Enter key, since new lines will be automatically added as needed, as in a word processing program. If you do press it, it may alter the appearance of your story.
  4. Enter a title for the story, and your name.
  5. Press "PUBLISH."
  6. Your story will be displayed as a Web page.
  7. If using a browser other than KidsVoyager, you may save the Web page using the browser. For example, in Internet Explorer, click on "File", then "Save As."
  8. If using KidsVoyager, simply click on the SAVE button which will appear at the bottom of the story.

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