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We provide free support to all KidsVoyager Online members.

We offer two types of support:

  • Technical Support - If you have questions or problems with the installation or general use of KidsVoyager, please contact KidsVoyager Technical Support at:
  • Instructional Support - If you have questions regarding how to use KidsVoyager to achieve specific language or literacy goals, would like help with lesson plans, or simply would like a question answered about your child from a Licensed Speech and Language Therapist/Orton-Gillingham Certified Reading Specialist, please contact KidsVoyager Instructional/Language Support at:

You may also contact us by phone at 718 499 3131. If you do contact us by phone, and/or wish to speak with us, please indicate the best time(s) to phone you. Email, however, is preferred, and you will most likely receive a quicker response.

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